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    Articles: Don't believe what you read

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009 - 02:41 PM, (7056 Reads)

    Have you noticed how it's the people who don't use and haven't tried particular products that do all the shouting about how they're not very good or not worth the money and there's no point buying them?
    That is until someone implements (or at least partially implements) the features they've criticised in a product they *do* use, then of course it's the best thing since sliced bread and their preferred product is now superior because suddenly it can do X, Y and Z.

    Have you also noticed how usually those same people want something for nothing and don't value the work that goes in to it but are just freeloading, taking what they can get?

    The above seems to be a general theme with some kinds of people, regardless of the area, operating system preference or whatever.

    There are many people whom do quite happily use the products and deal with the companies being criticised, having made a decision to purchase or subscribe to a scheme which delivers a product, be it a magazine or a software subscription of some kind. Often these people are very happy with their purchase and just get on with using or reading it, not making a fuss. Many such people are tired of public formum arguments and just don't bother wasting time responding to the people whom are on an ego trip and/or looking for someone to argue with.

    It seems to be human nature to want to get one up on somebody else with endless point-scoring arguments. This seems to be worse in smaller hobbyist areas of life such as the RISC OS community. People seem to want to be big fish in what's now a small pond.

    Just remember that when you see opinions about a product or company on a discussion forum of one kind or another, it's pretty likely to be skewed in some way due to the fact that there's only a certain kind of person willing to engage in this type of discussion.

    Because of the fact that happy customers don't often engage in these repetitive and pointless discussions, the loud voices drown out reality and the same misinformed opinions or disingenuous comments get repeated time and time again, particularly from those with hidden agendas. This leads to people believing things that are just are not true to reality. As a result of all this, there are lots of people in the RISC OS community whom just don't know what the real truth of things is despite thinking that they do, but anyone who tries to redress the balance is set upon by those with axes to grind or agendas to pursue.

    So you can't take anyone's statements about who owns what, who's got permission to do something or quality of product etc. at face value unless you yourself have seen for yourself.

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    Re: Don't believe what you read

    (Score: 1)
    by pittdj on Nov 12, 2009 - 08:24 AM
    (User information  | Send a message 

    To start with I am really not keen on anonymous articles such as this one which does appear to be taking a swipe at something, and that in itself is something that is denigrated in the article.

    There is a thread stewing away in The Iconbar forum, "What is the point of RISCOS Ltd", in their conceit some of the correspondents think this myriscos article is a counter to some of their posts. 


    David Pitt.


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