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    Articles: Software Round-up

    Sunday, June 19, 2011 - 11:07 PM, (6414 Reads)

    Quite a lot has happened in RISC OS land since the last MyRISCOS update and I could go on forever about R-Comp's new ARMini computer and of course the nifty little beagleboard, but here's a nice little round-up on the software side of things.

    Pellian, a Diophantine Equation Solver written by Martin Carradus can now be freely downloaded from his website. For more information, take a peek at its entry in the RISC OS Filebase.

    Version 2.77 of the famous and quite essential Desktop Publishing application Ovation Pro is now available from David Pilling, this new version can be used without updating the Shared C Library on your computer. For more information regarding this new update, pop on over to Ovation Pro for RISC OS's homepage.

    Packman version 0.5 is available to download now. Packman is a package manager front end for packages distributed using the RISC OS packaging project, it can be used instead of or alongside !RiscPkg. Its main features include, the abilty to search for a package, a status bar showing more information on a selected package, filters to allow the display of packages for a specific category and much more. Packman needs a computer running RISC OS 4 or greater and obviously, an Internet connection for downloading packages. The advantages with 0.5 over 0.4 is a workaround to fix a bug in the RISC OS 4.39 Toolaction module, a help entry has been added to the iconbar and main windows to launch the help feature, a paths windows now shows where packages will be installed and reduced version requirements for toolbox modules. You can download Packman 0.5 from here.

    Martin Bazley has released MBBack 2.10, an application that displays random backdrops from a list set by the user with options to scale a chosen image without distortion. This is what Martin had to say about his new release "I'm sure you've all heard a little something in the world of computing recently. A piece of software finally released, after going through literally eons of development hell, becoming a byword for vapourware, constantly teasing its loyal fans with vague promises and flashy-looking previews but no actual code...

    Yes! It's a new MBBack! The uncharacteristically reasonable delay between releases this time is attributable in roughly equal measure to the major nature of the changes, and to the major nature of the changes required to the corresponding documentation (which was MUCH harder). One day I discovered a relatively minor problem that needed fixing, and then I thought I might as well have a look at solving a couple of other issues as well, and before I knew it the sledgehammer had been well and truly brought down upon the nut and an epic case of feature creep had burst forth. Considering the program concerned, this is unsurprising. For this reason, as well as having support for 64,000 colour modes (which I thought I supported, but didn't), paletted modes (which I couldn't be bothered to support) and mode changes in general (which were rather broken), you can now enjoy the benefits of a rewritten, orthagonised, bugfixed, rationalised, feature-packed source file interpreter, which brings with it wildcard support, properly working configuration and much easier access to sprites within files. You can also, if you're that way inclined, code your own extensions to the MBBack engine to give it support for an almost unlimited range of currently unsupported features - an example is included which allows you to display GIFs on the Iyonix, which could, hopefully with little modification, be adapted for PNGs or similar." MBBack 2.10 can be downloaded freely from here.

    ArtWorks 2.14, RISC OS' premier graphics package and one of the only software packages still competing with similar packages on bigger operating systems is now available from MW Software and can be bought for £169 or 195 Euros for new users, for upgrade pricing please visit here. This new update makes ArtWorks ARMv7 compatible and is now fully functional on the BeagleBoard and R-Comp's brand new ARMini computer.

    A style panel has been added in this version, users can now create name styles based on object properties, choose which attributes should be included in the style, view previews of all defined styles and apply styles to the selected objects. Along with a few other new features and changes, ArtWorks now features more convenient colour deletion and is now more reliable upon start-up for Virtual RiscPC users.

    For more information about this new updated and how to buy or upgrade, visit here. AWViewer, an ArtWorks file viewer has also been updated to v1.5 and can be downloaded from the same link provide above.

    !Reporter has been updated to version 2.66 and is the first Reporter update for five years, Reporter is an applicationthat enables the easy display of text and variable values in a debugging window from Wimp program, Obey files, Assembler programs and much more. The main changes in this new version goes a little like this: "*New *ReportMods command, to display the Relocatable Modules which are loaded, with more information than *Help Modules and *Modules combined. *New *ReportTasks command, to display a list of the running tasks. *New microsecond Time ability and *ReportTime0 command, if Druck's Timer Module is installed. *The *ReportMem command now includes Slotsize, addresses and string free space from Basic. *New facility to *Report *command for any command. *New *ReportStack command, to just display current Basic stack. *New *ReportDebug command, which provides a single command which can be included at the start of a BASIC program, to help debugging of any subsequent error by providing information about how the program has got to the error. It provides many of the facilities of *ReportTrace PROC Values with *ReportError, plus some extra information, but with no Trace overhead. *New *ReportHeap command, with heap statistics, validation and optional block list & dump, replacing *ReportRma *Runs on all currently known versions of RISC OS, including BeagleBoard. *Many minor fixes and improvements to program and documentation." Download the new version of Reporter from here!

    New BeagleBoard and ARMini compatible versions of FFmpeg and FFplay are now available for free download. FFplay is a media player for RISC OS and even though it is not intended to be a high-gloss, high-performance media player you can still manage to do what a media player should do. Those of you perhaps content with your Iyonix/Omega/A9Home or still using an ever-trusty RiscPC can still benefit from upgrading to this new version as the application's overallperformance has been improved.

    Although it's not software news, Archive Magazine's Volume 22 DVD has now been posted to subscribers with issue 23:02 and as always, you can still take advantage of Archive's two free issues before subscribing.

    Sticking with magazine news, online PDF magazine Drag 'n' Drop Volume 2 Issue 3: Spring 2011 is now available for download and is well worth a read.

    Going back a little further, updates to PrintPDF and Cashbook are now available and an all-singing, all-dancing Multimedia version of Organizer 2 has been released, with a nifty little feature that allows users to link photos in the form of thumbnails with contacts and some improvements have been made to the Diary. Over 100 changes have been made overall to this new shiny Organizer version, making the price rise to £30 for new and Organizer 1 users a little less painful.

    Here's a list of software releases that have been out for a month or two now but you may not have been aware of their release: *NetSurf 2.7 *The release of SafeStore 2, *Version 2.12 of YouTube video fetcher Murnong, *Flicker IV *A shiny new version of Impact from SineNomine. *A new version of !PDF *DiskKnight 1.49 *Luafox 1.21

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