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    Topic: Announcements

    The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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    Martin Wuerthner has sent us a press release about the forthcoming ArtWorks 2.

    First benchmarks of the current development version of ArtWorks 2 running on Castle's XScale-powered Iyonix computer have shown stunning results beyond expectation.


    Our April meeting is the club's 20th Anniversary, and to celebrate the metting will be a little different with a couple of videos and a range of computers from the past to wonder at. Rick Sterry, one of our founder members, will tell us a little story!


    After André's email to inform us of some updated software, I thought it was time that I announced my own little application (!BgrndCtrl).


    André has just emailed us to tell of updates to some popular RISC OS software...


    As we get closer to the Wakefield show, more exhibitors are booking all the time. If you've not looked recently, check out the show website for the latest details.



    MEETING on Wednesday 5th March 2003

    Dave Holden of APDL + Production Omegas to play with!


    The Wakefield show website is being constantly updated with new exibitors coming onboard and publicity material.

    From the web site, you can download a PDF Poster for the show and also an HTML code fragment for linking to the show website from your own.

    Posted by StevePotts on Saturday, February 15, 2003 Read full article: 'Wakefield show website updates'   

    As reported elsewhere on the Net. The Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club is pleased to be able to announce its intention to run another show in 2003.

    This year the show will be slightly earlier than previous years and will be a one day event - on Saturday, 10th May 2003. The show will be open to the public between 10 am and 4:30 pm.

    Posted by StevePotts on Wednesday, January 22, 2003 Read full article: 'Wakefield 2003 - 10th May 2003'   

    The next meeting of the RISC OS North West User Group (RONWUG) will be:

    Jack Lillingston (Managing Director, Castle Technology Ltd)
    The IYONIX pc RISC OS 5 computer

    6:45pm for 7pm, Wednesday 15th January 2003

    Trafford Metrovick Rugby & Cricket Club
    Finnybank Road
    M33 6LR

    The launch of the 600MHz IYONIX pc, the first RISC OS 5 computer, has caused a great deal of excitement in the RISC OS community, and this is your chance to see, hear about, try and buy it.

    Plans for the evening include:
    - an OHP2 slide presentation from Jack about the Iyonix's features
    - demonstrations of the computer's speed and software compatibility
    - the popular "is the Iyonix so quiet you can't hear it?" test
    - a chance to try out the Iyonix yourself
    - a look inside the case (if someone remembers a screwdriver)
    - questions and discussion

    Jack will be bringing a video projector for the presentation (which will run on the Iyonix itself), and a 22" monitor to show off the computer's high resolution screen modes and performance. So everyone should have a great view.


    The next meeting of the RISC OS User Group of London will be:

    Jack Lillingston (Managing Director, Castle Technology Ltd)
    Iyonix in action and to take away...
    (And some Aemulor news)

    Monday 16th December 2002, 7:30pm for a 7:45pm start

    The Blue-Eyed Maid (upstairs)
    173 Borough High Street
    London SE1 1HR

    Plans for the evening include:
    - an OHP2 slide presentation from Jack about the Iyonix's features
    - demonstrations of the computer's speed and software compatibility
    - the popular "is the Iyonix so quiet you can't hear it?" test
    - a chance to try out the Iyonix yourself
    - questions and discussion

    *** In addition ***, Neil Spellings of Aemulor will

    Posted by dgs on Monday, December 16, 2002 Read full article: 'Iyonix/Aemulor at London RISC OS User Group'   

    IYONIX IS 'GO' 3317 Reads announcements
    The following message just dropped into my mailbox. Looks like it is finally here!

    Castle Technology Ltd are delighted to announce the "UK LAUNCH" of the all new 32-bit IYONIX pc.

    Note: We should be getting more news later today on this story - stay tuned :-)
    Posted by graphite on Friday, November 29, 2002 Read full article: 'IYONIX IS 'GO''   

    My !Velcro application has been upgraded.

    It uses a command 'stick <app>' for sticking an application to the iconbar. To be stickable an application must have a sprite in a !Spritesxx file and an 'info' template in a Templates file. It can also have !Drag, !Select and !Adjust Obey files to determine what happens when its iconbar icon is dragged to or clicked on. !Velcro is a stickable application that sticks itself to the iconbar when run and whose !Drag file simply sticks dragged objects. The download archive also contains a directory of three example stickable applications.

    Stickables let you make simple wimp programs that respond to clicks on and drags to the iconbar icon, without having to do more than write an Obey file.

    Posted by Gavin on Wednesday, November 27, 2002   

    Ever since it was announced more than a month ago, Castle's 600MHz RISC OS 5 Iyonix PC has been the hot topic for just about all RISC OS users.

    Castle are releasing more information about the Iyonix all the time (despite the secrecy that understandably shrouded its original launch), and there are also many of us keen to check out any developments in the systems on show since the last time we saw the Iyonix.

    It's good news, then, that Castle's Managing Director, Jack Lillingston, will be demonstrating the Iyonix at M25EROUG on the evening of Monday 25th November, and at ROUGOL on the evening of Monday 16th December.

    What's more, both meetings have free admittance and are open to all!

    Posted by dgs on Sunday, November 24, 2002 Read full article: 'Iyonix at two user groups'   

    Aaron Timbrell, that multifaceted man of many guises has sent this through. I'm not going to repeat it verbatim incase anyone from another one of the news portals thinks we're just going to repeat whatever people send us...

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that the next RISCWorld will be going through letterboxes all over the world in the next few days.

    RISCWorld is the CD based subscription magazine, published bimonthly by APDL, it also makes an excellent drinks coaster to keep coffee stains off your mousemat (no it doesn't - it makes you think that this is how good magazines should be - ed)

    This exciting issue includes, words, pictures and punctuation, but not necessarily in the right order. Among the highlights are:

    • Insider on the new Iyonix PC from Castle Technology
    • the 2nd part of our serialisation of the Archimedes GameMakers Manual
    • reviews of Desktop Repton and NTUser2.
    • The very useful OS_ReadArgs call also gets a thorough examination.
    • Continuing series include HTML Convertors, writing modules, networking (this issue how to share the internet connection on your PC with a RISC OS machine) and of course advanced coverage of

    We also have all the regulars, including the PD column, GamesWorld, DiscWorld, the letters page and more.

    Oh and Hugh Jampton still has his own column with a very funny photo

    Posted by bluebottle on Saturday, November 23, 2002   

    From you can get a 32-bit compatible version of The One True Awk. To use it you will need to install Clib 5.34 which comes in the package (unless you have an Iyonix). This version of awk (only 43K) is derived from the one described in "The AWK Programming Language" (Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-07981-X). It has extra functions for Risc OS, that let you iterate over all the objects in a directory. Also ...


    In a late change to our advertised programme of events, the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club are
    very pleased to announce a visit from Jack
    Lillington of Castle with the NEW IYONIX computer as shown for the first time at the South East show.


    The Simtec wizards have been doing what they're best at - providing top notch hardware and the (unlike some companies) the technical data to back it up.

    Recently, the riscos-usb website has been updated to include such gems as

    • Simtec will be giving a presentation on USB at the Southeast show (13.00 in the theatre)
    • A new release of the USB software is available - users should download and upgrade.
    • News about the recent Acorn User review (incase you missed it)
    • Printer Definition files available for a wide selection of HP printers from Jonathan Briggs

    The site is well constructed, contains loads of developer and user info and can be seen here in all it's glory.

    Posted by bluebottle on Saturday, November 02, 2002   

    Those chaps down at Cerilica really are busy beas. First, we had the large announcement that Vantage is to be 32 bit and now this...

    Cerilica release Insignia v1.50

    Insignia version 1.50 is now available to new customers as well as being a free upgrade to existing users.

    Insignia was released at the beginning of 2002 and it is a unique graphics package that is ideal for creating web, print and presentation graphics without the need to have design experience.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 Read full article: 'Cerilica really are busy chaps!'   

    In a late change to our advertised programme of events, the Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club are pleased to announce a visit from Simtec Electronics & Stuart Tyrrell Developments on Wednesday 2nd October 2002.


    The mercurial John Cartmell has emailed this to me...

    Acorn Publisher has long been considered one of the best magazines in the Acorn / RISC OS market. One of its few failings has been the lack of a complementary web-site. We're putting right that deficiency. See:

    The new Acorn Publisher website

    Note Acorn Publisher is not a magazine solely for publishers; it's a magazine for all Acorn/RISC OS users.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, September 18, 2002 Read full article: 'It's all go go go at Acorn Publisher'   

    The next meeting of the RISC OS North West User Group will be:

    "New Perspectives"
    John Cartmell (editor, Acorn Publisher magazine)

    6:45pm for 7:15pm, Wednesday 18th September 2002

    Trafford Metrovick Rugby & Cricket Club
    Finnybank Road
    M33 6LR


    Available NOW.

    Simtec Electronics are pleased to announce immediate availablity of their USB interface for RISC OS machines. Basic cards with drivers for mice and keyboards cost £79 plus VAT and carriage from one of our development partners.


    Wakefield RISCOS Computer Club Wednesday 4th September 2002 - 7:45pm.

    This month brings another first for the RISC OS community. Mike Cook returns to visit us with a demonstration of a RISC OS computer controling a lego mindstorm robot. Most people will be familiar with the lego toys, but over recent years, they have moved forward with technology and can now have little computers on board that can be programmed by desktop machines. This talk should be quite an interesting one, don‚Äėt miss out!

    So, pencil in this event - remember, it's Wednesday 4th September, 2002.

    Doors open at 7:15 pm approx. Meetings start 7:45 prompt.

    There is ample FREE car parking at the venue, and a bar for refreshments.

    For more information please see the Club website

    The website has a map and directions showing how to reach us.


    Interesting news from the Viewfinder mailing list ...

    Today, 24th July, based on the current support situation and the results of the polls running on the Windfall Engineering and Viewfinder mailing lists, the following has been decided.

    Viewfinder software updates will no longer be provided for free, but on a subscription basis, and will be 'locked' to the particular machine that the Viewfinder runs in (via the machine's ID chip) and/or to the Viewfinder itself via other codes.


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