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    Topic: Applications

    The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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    Minidisc 0.51 has just been released.

    For those not in the know, Minidisc is a cracking little utility which makes the desktop fun and easy to configure.

    This version includes...

    • Removes many of the icons (including hard discs) cluttering up the left of your iconbar ...
    • ... and stacks them up into a single icon.

    • 'Shortcuts' application launcher, with a WYSIWYG drag-n-drop configuration tool.

    • A dynamic, customisable toolbar that can be used as an alternate/additional application launcher. You can even move your harddiscs off of the iconbar and on to the toolbar if you want!!!!

    • Iconbar information tool, showing time, date, free memory.

    • Configure up to 16 different actions for iconbar clicks.

    • Configure up to 8 different actions for files dragged to the iconbar.

    • A detailed user guide, describing every feature in detail.

    MiniDisc is about as customisable as you'll ever want. Every feature can be enabled or disabled and changed to suit your personal requirements.

    MiniDisc is released as freeware.

    Our advice, go get a copy now!

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, August 14, 2002   

    This just in...

    Improved anti-aliasing in ArtWorks

    Normally, ArtWorks files are rendered using 16 levels of anti-aliasing. In most circumstances, in particular while editing an illustration, this is quite adequate. However, for presentation purposes and for high-quality bitmap output, it is desirable to have more accurate anti-aliasing.

    Therefore, I am proud to announce the release of the free AWSwitch utility that allows you to choose between 16, 64 and 128 levels of anti-aliasing in ArtWorks (and other applications that render ArtWorks files).

    AWSwitch sits on the icon bar and allows you to change the number of anti-aliasing levels with a single mouse click.

    Click here for further information and download AWSwitch.

    Posted by bluebottle on Friday, August 02, 2002   

    Peter Naulls has released the first batch of his Unix ports and a fine looking batch they are as well.

    The site is comprehensive and gives you all the information you will need to get the apps up and running.

    From all of us at MyRISCOS, we must thank Peter (and the rest of the porting crew) for this effort and advise people to sign up for his porting support scheme - it's only 25 quid.

    Posted by bluebottle on Monday, July 22, 2002   

    News in from the Cerilica folks...


    For all users of Cerilica Vantage, Draw, Ovation, Impression, TextEase, TechWriter, EasyWriter, etc.!

    Cerilica is proud to announce that its its latest brand-new software pack has been officially released.

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 Read full article: 'Cerilica release Press Pack II'   

    VirtualAcorn will be exhibiting at the Wakefield Show on the 18th and 19th of May. At the show we will be launching version 1.20 of VirtualA5000.
    This is noticeably faster than previous versions and includes a number of improvements, including better keyboard handling, a new version of HostFS, improved disc build, higher screen resolutions, extended manuals and third party plug in support. In keeping with our current free upgrades policy existing customers will be able to get a FREE upgrade to version 1.20 from the VirtualAcorn website shortly.

    Customers with VirtualA5000 V 1.0 will need to upgrade to version 1.10 (also available on our website), before downloading the V 1.2 upgrades.


    RiScript upgraded 4075 Reads applications
    RiScript's development continues to progress well with the recent major release of version 4.15. Available now as an on-line upgrade to all existing customers, the version brings even more powerful PDF reading capabilities such as handling of CIE colour models and Euro symbol support. RiScript now also automatically embeds any Type1 font data that may already be present for more accurate document text (features such as hinting will be preserved).

    RiScript customers may download the upgrade at their own convenience via the Cerilica on-line upgrade area

    Posted by bluebottle on Wednesday, May 15, 2002 Read full article: 'RiScript upgraded'   

    This just in from Artex....

    The realtime strategy game TEK is complete. Well, almost: The distribution agreement has to be signed yet, and the installation software and the manual have to be finished. Thus, the actual sale of the game will be delayed a few more days.

    People who have pre-ordered will soon reveive a mail with payment details, and the first copies will finally be available at the end of this month or at the beginning of May, depending on the production speed. Pre-orderers will receive their copies first.

    Posted by bluebottle on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 Read full article: 'TEK - a very slight delay'   

    After letting it spend an awful long time in quarantine I decided to finally let the CVS 1.11 RISC OS port go. Unfortunately it is only the command line based tool at the moment and not the accompagning GUI which I hope to finish 'soon'.

    More information can be found at

    Posted by bluebottle on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 Read full article: 'RISC OS CVS 1.11 is released'   

    MW Software is proud to announce the release of Crystal, the ArtWorks transparency module.

    ArtWorks, the best-selling advanced vector graphics package for RISC OS, has received a large number of new features and enhancements over the past years, e.g., the TextArea module adding rotatable multi-column text areas or the BMExport module adding high-quality Sprite and GIF export options.

    The new Crystal module is without doubt the most significant update ever produced: Finally, ArtWorks has full transparency support! Crystal offers three types of transparency (Mix, Stained glass, Bleach) and allows you to apply a transparency type and percentage to any ArtWorks object, no matter whether it is a shape, a line of text, a sprite, a text area, etc

    Note: A quick picture has been put together by Chris Williams (he of EasyGCC fame) which shows what can be done in a very short amount of time with Crystal..

    Click here to view it

    From CSA.Announce:

    The Acorn version of DA's Picture from Digital Arts is now officially declared 'Freeware'. The program was released in 1994. It is an 24 Bit image processor and will work on RISC OS 3.5 or higher (it has been tested with RISC OS 4.24 and StrongARM processor). The program is released as it is - there will be no further development.

    Posted by MyRISCOS on Monday, January 14, 2002 Read full article: 'DA's Picture now freeware'   

    Free MidiWorks 3370 Reads applications
    The Acorn User Award winning sequencer MidiWorks
    is now free for download!

    Check it out here:

    Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, October 14, 2001   

    From comp.sys.acorn.announce...

    Paul Vigay has fixed a bug that causes marcel to display blank messages.

    Read on for full details.


    eQ do it again! 4543 Reads applications
    eQ R&D ( have launched a new version of both their MPEG video player (!Kino) and StupidPlayer (MP3).

    StupidPlayer (unfortunate name!) is a very good MP3 player. While it does not have the advantages of AMPlayer, it does one thing that AMPlayer doesn't - allow decent sound and bitrate audio on the likes of the RiscStation 7500.

    Kino is (currently) the only MPEG video player for RISC OS which allows sound to be played as well. It does a bang up job as well!

    To use the software, you must download the 32 bit libraries from the RISCOS Ltd website.

    Posted by bluebottle on Friday, August 24, 2001 Read full article: 'eQ do it again!'   

    See the Web Links area for the address for the Internet Chess Client for RiscOS - !NetChess.

    It's written by the author of !FTPc, Colin Granville, so you know it has to be good.

    I have it and want to be able to play more RISC OS users at one of the best games around.

    Check it out now!! :-)

    Posted by kriten on Monday, August 20, 2001   

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